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Sing Up announces membership plan for secondary schools

3 years ago


Sing Up, an organisation that has supported singing in primary schools for the last eight years, has announced that from January 2016 secondary schools will, for the first time, have access to a Sing Up Membership designed to support the learning needs of older students.

Since the end of its government-funded days three years ago, Sing Up has been trading successfully as an independent not-for-profit company working exclusively with primary schools. From January 2016, secondary schools can also benefit from access to a newly expanded Sing Up Song Bank containing song arrangements and resources specifically designed for use with secondary-aged students.

Sing Up's vision

Michelle James, CEO of Sing Up, explained the organisation’s vision in expanding into secondary school learning:

“When the sector proposed a national singing programme to the government back in 2005/6, it was originally intended to support singing for children and young people from early years through to age 18. It was always our intention to expand into secondary education at the earliest possible opportunity.

The transition between primary and secondary school has long been a moment at which many pupils become less engaged in music activities, so we have always been keen to see what we could do to help sustain continuity of musical experience as children move schools into secondary. Based on evidence from our pilot projects, we know there are steps that can be taken to markedly improve engagement, musical progression and learning outcomes."

Building partnerships and supporting learning

Sing Up has received support from ABRSM in bringing this vision to fruition.

“Like our partner, ABRSM, we want to help to improve the acquisition of musicianship skills and musical learning in young people. Last year we created Sing Up Music, which offers a route into the primary music curriculum through singing. With Sing Up Secondary we want to build on this by providing singing resources to support secondary school music lessons as well as repertoire for choirs and singing groups.”

Lincoln Abbotts, ABRSM’s Director of Strategic Development, said “A young person’s experience of music can be a magical one and one that, with the right support, can transform their lives. We want to ensure every child has the opportunity to continue that exciting journey when they move to secondary school. That’s why we’re committed to building partnerships such as this one – to support music learning and teaching, and to ensure that as many children as possible have access to high quality musical opportunities.”

Sing Up Secondary will support teaching and learning in music from Key Stage 3 onwards. Building on the educational and musical experiences that pupils have at primary school, Sing Up has created a set of songs and teaching tools to help music teachers use singing as a route through the secondary music curriculum. In addition, the Sing Up Song Bank will now include more advanced repertoire for older voices, which will be invaluable for choirs.

Information for class music teachers, vocal teachers and choir leaders

Sing Up Secondary will include:

  • Songs and resources for use with classes from Key Stage 3 up to sixth form. Lots of songs and warm-ups to help you teach the music curriculum including: performing, improvising, arranging, composing, listening and appraising. Search/display songs by musical topic, scoring, style and age.
  • A range of useful scores and audio including: melody/lyrics/chords, chord song book, full arrangements, parts for class playing/singing (including tab), performance, echo, backing and rehearsal tracks. A range of scoring formats for choirs including flexible, upper voice and mixed voice arrangements. Consideration for changing voice and suitable keys/part writing.
  • Great repertoire for a range of choir abilities; simple enough for Year 7 class singing, right through to sophisticated part-writing for upper sixth-form and chamber choirs.
  • Performance material suitable for Key Stage 3, BTEC, GCSE and A-Level solo/ensemble vocal performances, including piano accompaniments and high quality backing track accompaniments. A range of repertoire suitable for small group and individual singing lessons.

Further information

Visit for more information.

Schools, organisations and individuals interested in finding out more are invited to register their details on the Sing Up website or to contact the Sing Up team at [email protected] or on +44 (0)20 7908 5148.

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