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Latest Exam News : Updated 15 April

Updating our exam booking service

8 months ago

We’ve made some improvements to our online booking service to create a better experience for everyone involved in booking and taking an ABRSM exam. When you next book an exam, you will find a number of changes and new features. We’ve introduced many of these in direct response to the feedback we’ve received from teachers, parents and schools who used the new online service to book exams earlier in the year. So what’s new?

Late booking for practical exams

You can now make late bookings for practical exams at Public Venues and Private Visits, if space is available. However, please don’t rely on late booking to secure an exam slot. Any available slots are likely to be limited and we cannot guarantee that you will be able to book an exam once booking periods have closed or a Private Visit has been confirmed.

Find out more about making a late booking.

Easier access to results and mark forms

Once we’ve released a result to an applicant, they can immediately generate an email to tell candidates (parents/carers) that their results are ready to view. In addition, applicants with more than one practical candidate now have the option to download multiple marks forms within one PDF, as an alternative to downloading mark forms one at a time.

Find out more about accessing and sharing results.

Submitting feedback, appeals and complaints

You should now submit feedback, appeals or complaints directly through our online booking service. Just click ‘Help’ at the top of the online service dashboard and then choose from: submit positive feedback; submit a complaint; or query a result. Once you’ve completed and submitted the online form, we’ll send you an email to confirm that we’ve received it and will pass the feedback, appeal or complaint to the relevant department for processing.

Read our guidance for submitting feedback.

A new option for Jazz exams

It’s now possible to book Jazz exams at a Private Visit, as long as there is at least one hour of Jazz examining time and the total examining time for the visit is at least three hours. If you want to book Jazz exams at a Public Venue, you will still be able to this at ABRSM Jazz Visits organised by us on set dates in our main exam sessions.

Uploading and downloading candidate lists for Private Visit exams

Visit Organisers and Permitted Applicants can now upload their candidate and exam details in bulk from a pre-populated file. Visit Organisers will also be able to download a list of all candidates taking exams at their Private Visit.

Find out more about uploading and downloading candidate lists.

Changing a Private Visit date or adding days

Visit Organisers can now change their practical Private Visit date(s) or add days, as long as they do this before we’ve confirmed the visit (28 days before the visit start date).

Find out more about changing your Private Visit dates.

New timetable features for Private Visits

Visit Organisers can now ‘lock’ their practical timetable when they’re happy with it, to stop all exams shifting up if one exam is cancelled. Instead of all the times shifting up to fill the space, the other candidates will stay in their existing slots. Locking the timetable will also send an automated email to candidates (parents/carers) with an account and any Permitted Applicants to let them know that their exam times have been finalised.

Find out more about locking your Private Visit timetable.

We hope these updates make life easier for you when you next book an exam with us. Please check the links above before you book, to make sure you make the most of all the new options and features available to you.

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