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New Exam Discount Scheme launched

4 months ago

Music Services around the UK now have access to a new Exam Discount Scheme for their learners.

Designed to ease some of the financial barriers that families can face when accessing our exams, the scheme supports our ambition to become a more open, accessible and inclusive organisation.

The scheme is running as a pilot until July 2024 and is being administered for us by Music Mark, the UK’s subject association for music education.  Discounts are available to music services across the UK, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

Each local authority area will receive a discount allocation, based on published school roll numbers with adjustments for deprivation. Music services can apply for discount codes to book exams for learners for whom the cost of exams represents a significant financial barrier. They can choose which students to request discount codes for as well as the size of the discount, which can be used for our instrumental and singing exams (digital and face-to-face) and Music Theory exams at all grades.

Throughout the pilot we will be monitoring the scheme to ensure that learners in all regions are benefiting from the discounts and to evaluate the overall success of the scheme as a way of supporting young musicians.

These discounts are only available through music services in the UK, who can find further details on the Music Mark website or by contacting Music Mark directly: [email protected]

Photo: Paul Cochrane

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