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Booking for Music Medals is changing

1 week ago

On 11 April we are moving all aspects of booking and administration for Music Medals onto our main online service. You may be familiar with this if you already book other exams such as Practical Grades, Performance Grades and Music Theory Grades.  

With the new service, we’ll be able to provide a better all-round booking experience as well as improved processes for uploading videos and submitting results. Candidates with accounts will be able to view their own results, and if you book any of our other exams, you’ll have all your assessment records in one place.  

What happens next? 

Booking Music Medals before 11 April 

  • Before 11 April you should continue to book Music Medals as usual by logging in to your account here. (You may see Music Medals listed on our main online service, but you can’t book this way yet.) 
  • For Music Medals booked before 11 April, you should continue to use the current system to submit your videos and results, even if you are doing this from 11 April onwards. Remember to log in with your current Applicant Number and password. 

Booking Music Medals from 11 April onwards  

  • You’ll need to use our main online service to book.
  • If you already have an account for our main online service, you will be able to log in and book Music Medals in the same way you book other exams.  
  • If you only have an account for Music Medals, you will need to register with our main online service before you book. You can do this at any time. When you register, you will need to create a new username and password. You should also enter your current ABRSM Applicant Number when requested. Find out more about creating an account
  • Only registered Teacher-Assessors will be able to make bookings and upload assessments and results. 

More information about booking Music Medals and submitting videos and results using the new service will be available from 11 April.   

Music Medal tokens and candidate records 

As part of this switch to a new booking service we are discontinuing Music Medal tokens. The last day you can use them is 31 March and we will then provide a refund for any unused tokens.  

31 March is also the last day you can go online to view details of Music Medals booked using the current system. If you need to keep a record of your Music Medal bookings, please do this before the end of March. We will create a new record for all Music Medal candidates booked from 11 April. Teacher-Assessors will be able to access this through their ABRSM account, and candidates with an account will also be able to log in to view their own assessment record.   

 If you have any questions about these changes, you can get in touch with us at: [email protected]  

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