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ABRSM Summer Celebration

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Event details and expenses

  • Doors will open at 14:30, and the events will run until 18:00.
  • Unfortunately it will not be possible to bring partners or a plus one due to venue capacity.
  • ABRSM will reimburse your travel expenses up to a maximum of £125.
  • If you’ll be travelling by train please book your tickets as soon as possible to take advantage of advance fares. We’re only able to reimburse standard class fares, not first class.
  • If you are unwell or unable to attend on the day we will still reimburse the cost of any pre-booked, non-refundable travel.
  • We are unable to cover the cost of overnight accommodation for this event.
  • As the venues are both close to train stations you shouldn’t need to take a taxi, but if you do need to take a taxi to complete any part of your journey please check with us in advance: [email protected].
  • We realise that in some cases, driving may be the most convenient option and we are happy to reimburse mileage at ABRSM’s standard rate of 45p per mile up to £125. However, we would respectfully ask all HLRs to check the feasibility of public transport, as this is usually the most cost-effective way to travel longer distances, particularly where tickets can be purchased in advance.
  • Please claim your expenses in the usual way using eExpense after the event and email any receipts for items over £10 to Chris Williams: [email protected].

Dates and venue

Sunday 21 July

Royal Northern College of Music
124 Oxford Road
M13 9RD
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Wednesday 31 July

Royal Academy of Music
Marylebone Road
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