Diploma Exams

This page details the process for booking Diploma exams.

Public Venues

We provide Diploma Venues for our Diploma exams in our main exam sessions. Please see here for public session dates. There are currently 17 public venues in the UK and Ireland: Aberdeen, Ashburton, Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Dublin, Glasgow, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Oxford, Tonbridge, Winchester, York, however some of these venues may not be open.

Please indicate your preferred centre on your entry form and we do all we can to accommodate this request.

If diploma exams are not running in your preferred centre, your entry will be moved to an alternative centre.

Private Visits

We are also able to offer Diploma Visits for all candidates throughout the year. Exams can be held at premises (a school, teaching studio, home, etc.) provided by the person making the booking and we will provide an examiner to visit. These can be requested by anyone with at least 3 hours of diploma examining and dates can be requested.

We will try to honour the Private Visit date you have requested. If this is not possible, we will liaise with you directly to find another date that suits.

We have venue guidance and procedures in place to ensure the safety of candidates, examiners and teachers. The guidance explains what you will need to do to make sure your venue is suitable and safe, and that effective social distancing can take place. It is essential that you read and understand this guidance before you consider booking a Private Visit.

Anyone organising a Private Visit accepts responsibility for providing facilities according to our instructions and for the appropriate conduct of the exam. Visit Organisers are advised to carry out a risk assessment. (Risk assessments do not need to be sent to ABRSM)

Instructions for Booking

We do not accept paper entries for diploma exams. Any paper entries received, will be securely destroyed. Please follow the instructions below to make your entry.

1. Check exam dates, booking periods and fees and where we have Public Venues.

2. If you are applying to hold a Diploma Private Visit, please ensure you have read our COVID-19 – Instructions for Completing Diploma Exams.

3. Download the entry forms here. Use the editable form to fill these in and save them to your device. Alternatively, print and fill in the entry form, before scanning them back onto your device.

4. When you are ready to submit your Diploma entries, please email [email protected] for a link to our secure portal to upload your entry forms and any supporting documents to us.

5. On receipt of your entries, after the end of the booking period, we will send you ABRSM bank details and a unique reference number for you to use when transferring your payment to ABRSM. Candidates should make payment as soon as requested. If payment is not received at least four weeks before the date of exams (or at an earlier date as specified by ABRSM), the entry will be cancelled. Payments which do not quote the correct reference number will not be successfully linked to the entry

6. We aim to give at least four weeks’ notice of exam appointments.

7. If you send a paper entry to our office, we will destroy it securely to protect your personal information.

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