Appointment Publication Timetable C19

Exam week

Appointments release date


Week 1

Friday 11th October

Monday 14th October

Week 2

Monday 14th October

Tuesday 15th October

Week 3

Tuesday 15th October

Wednesday 16th October

Week 4

Wednesday 16th October

Thursday 17th October

Week 5

Thursday 17th October

Friday 18th October

Changing Practical exam appointments

We understand that there may be times when the allocated appointment isn't convenient and we’ll make every effort to offer an alternative if there are spaces in the timetable.

We strongly advise applicants to not cancel or try to rearrange exam appointments solely because they're early in the exam session, as a later date may not be available.

As the applicant, or parent/guardian, we have two options for requesting alternative appointments:

•  By telephone: you can phone us on +44 (0)20 7636 5400 and speak with one of our customer service team. Please have the applicant number ready;
•  By online request form: for single appointment change requests, you can fill in an online change of appointment request form. Once submitted a response will be received within 5 days. Please note this form is for UK & Ireland public centre appointments only, with the exclusion of Dublin. For changes to appointments in Dublin, please contact our Local Representative, Miriam Halpin

Please read our Practical exam appointment guidance for more information.

Music Theory exams

Exam venue information for candidates entered for the Music Theory exam on Wednesday 6 November will be available for the applicant to view online from Tuesday 8 October onwards.

A letter confirming the exam venue information and a candidate label (to stick on the front of the exam paper) will be sent to the applicant by post.

Exam appointments

Please log in to view your exam appointments.

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