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A Day in the Country Descant Recorder

Alan Ridout

• a collection of pieces inspired by various activities enjoyed on a day out in the country
• gathering together a variety of moods and styles from the lovely cantabile movement ‘Whistling to the sky’ to the rather more energetic ‘Running around a field’, the album’s varied repertoire will have immediate appeal for both pupil and teacher alike
• with its simple piano accompaniment it will help provide invaluable teaching material


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Piece Page Details Instrument Section Medal
        1 2 3 4
Lingering by the Wayside no. 2, p. 2 Descant Recorder Solo Silver
Whistling to the Sky no. 4, p. 4 Descant Recorder Solo Gold
Stepping Out Along a Road no. 6, p. 6 Descant Recorder Solo Gold
Exploring a Stream no. 9, p. 9 Descant Recorder Solo Platinum
Running Round a Field no. 10, p. 10 Descant Recorder Solo Platinum
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