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90 Easy Bassoon Studies

June Emerson

Piece Page Details Instrument Section Medal
        1 2 3 4
Folk Tune no. 9, p. 3 Bassoon Solo Bronze
Czech Folk Tune no. 12, p. 4 Bassoon Solo Bronze
Minuet no. 14 or no. 16, p. 5 Bassoon Solo Silver
Italian Symphony no. 55, p. 20 Bassoon Solo Gold
Overture to 'The Secret Marriage' no. 56, p. 21 Bassoon Solo Gold
Serenade no. 70, p. 26 Bassoon Solo Platinum
Serenade No. 10, K.361 no. 81, p. 34 Bassoon Solo Platinum
Ronde no. 17, p. 6 Bassoon Solo Silver
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