Latest exam updates

COVID update

In response to the current restrictions in the UK and Ireland we are deferring Session 1 face-to-face practical exams at Public Venues and paper-based Grade 6 to 8 Music Theory exams at Public Venues and Private Visits. Where we can we will still offer practical exams at Private Visits. Our remotely-assessed Performance Grade and ARSM exams and our Grade 1 to 5 online Music Theory exams are unaffected and all dates remain unchanged. To read more, please visit our latest updates page.

Performance Grade booking

The next booking period for remotely-assessed Performance Grade and ARSM exams opens on 1 February. For details, see our dates and fees page.

Certificate amendment and replacement service

Where there are errors on a certificate or a certificate has been damaged or lost we can provide a replacement for a fee. You can find information about fees on our Dates and Fees page.

Due to the current closure of our offices, this service will take longer than normal. Please allow up to one month to receive your replacement certificate once you’ve made the request. If we are no longer able to print and distribute certificates at any point we will provide a further update on our website.

Please note:

  • We will not reissue certificates from the current exam session until 28 days after the original despatch date to allow for any delivery delays.
  • We will only confirm results to the applicant (the person who booked the exam) and the candidate (if they have an ABRSM account), for a period of eight weeks from their original despatch (see our Information and Regulations, 17f).

UK and Republic of Ireland Session 1, 2020 – 1 January to 17 March

How to request a certificate amendment or replacement (Session 1 2020)

  • For amendments, email a scan or photograph (medium or small size) of the certificate, with the amendment written on, to [email protected]. We will send replacement certificates to the applicant unless you tell us otherwise.
  • For lost or damaged certificates, email details to [email protected], including the applicant Contact ID and as much information about the exam as possible.

No fees for Session 1 2020 replacements

Due to current circumstances, we are offering this service for Session 1 exams free of charge until 31 December 2020.

UK and Republic of Ireland exams – 1977 to 2019

Unfortunately we are unable to provide a full certificate amendment and replacement service at the moment. Where we are unable to print a certificate, we can still provide a confirmation of marks. You may need to pay a fee for this service. For information about fees, see our Dates and Fees page.

How to request a certificate amendment or replacement (1977 to 2019)

How to pay

Payment for this service is by bank transfer. We will provide payment details when we receive your request. We cannot accept payment by cheque or card at the moment. We will send the certificate once we have received your payment.

Past results search: UK and Republic of Ireland exams before 1977

We are currently unable to offer this service as our offices are closed.

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