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Welcome to Clarinet Practice Partner

Clarinet Practice Partner is a simple way to make practising pieces for your ABRSM exam more musical, enjoyable and fun. It is useful for anyone learning or teaching pieces from the ABRSM Clarinet Exam Pieces 2018–2021 at Grades 1–7.

What is Clarinet Practice Partner?

Violin Practice PartnerIt’s a practice tool which provides access to enhanced recordings of Clarinet Exam Pieces. You can use the app to practise with the piano accompaniment or clarinet part in isolation, in addition to the duo ensemble recording. Using Clarinet Practice Partner also helps slow practice, while retaining the musicality of the recorded performance. It's as if you’re practising with your own personal clarinet partner!

Clarinet Practice Partner is available for iOS and Android™ devices in both smartphone and tablet versions, from iTunes and Google Play. The app comes with one example piece from Grade 5 of Clarinet Exam Pieces 2018–2021, with in-app purchases available for individual pieces or selections for each Grade.

How can I use Clarinet Practice Partner?

Clarinet Practice Partner lets you play along with real musicians’ performances, exactly as recorded or at a reduced tempo. The app will help you to:

  • Become familiar with the accompaniment and understand how the solo line fits with the piano part for more secure performances
  • Slow down or speed up the music to a tempo that suits you, for slow careful practice.
  • Listen closely to the clarinet in isolation to hear every detail of the expert performance.
  • Repeat tricky passages by setting loops around them.

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