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COVID update

In response to the current restrictions in the UK and Ireland we are deferring Session 1 face-to-face practical exams at Public Venues and paper-based Grade 6 to 8 Music Theory exams at Public Venues and Private Visits. Where we can we will still offer practical exams at Private Visits. Our remotely-assessed Performance Grade and ARSM exams and our Grade 1 to 5 online Music Theory exams are unaffected and all dates remain unchanged. To read more, please visit our latest updates page.

We will be offering Performance Grade exams every month for the remainder of 2021. Exact dates will be announced soon. Please check here for more information.

Music Theory exam dates

We can now confirm Grade 6 to 8 paper Music Theory exams will go ahead on Wednesday 28 April at 5pm. The booking period will be open from 8 to 15 March.


ABRSM are delighted to be supporting NYJO’s Virtual Academy as part of our ongoing partnership. To date, this has seen us working together on a wide range of projects exploring jazz, improvisation, creative composition and communication. We’re really excited to see the distinctive musical space that NYJO musicians naturally occupy brought to life through the Virtual Academy.

We are at a unique moment in time when our communities have been separated, and it is crucial that we don’t allow our young musicians to feel disconnected.

As always, our mission is to inspire, educate and bring people together; for now, we need to look at doing this in new ways. For those young musicians who we would usually be seeing at our NYJO Academies around the country, we will continue to provide meaningful and stimulating jazz education, despite the necessary social distancing that we must all adhere to. Whilst we are not looking to re-invent the wheel, we do intend to create engaging and accessible opportunities for the NYJO family nationwide. We want young musicians to progress together as part of a jazz community, regardless of experience or skill level. Talk to us; talk to each other; and let's grow as a group as best we can. NYJO has never believed in a one size- fits-all approach, so we will always try to react in order to provide a wider offering to suit different needs. To make sure that we, as educators, are also learning from this experience, we will rely on regular communication between learners and educators – allowing suggestions, feedback and discussion to help everyone remain connected with each other throughout the entire process. We want each user to feel free to try what they want, when they want, wherever they are. We also encourage everyone to tag us in any social posts highlighting your progress, as we'd love to showcase your collective journeys. We look forward to seeing what you come up with for #NYJOVA.

  • Video Tutorial Series – Sit down with NYJO’s Associate Educators as they break down a brand new track for you to learn and appreciate. Each entry includes backing tracks and charts to support your learning further.
  • Audio NYJO Minus-one Bundles – The NYJO ‘Minus One’ project has been specifically designed to keep band-based music at the forefront of our offering. Download the stem files, upload into the DAW of your choice, now get practising!
  • Additional Resources – Playlists, charts and more! Here you’ll find a large list of resources to practise and play along to. The material will vary in style and difficult. Includes support playlists on Youtube and Spotify too!

Register for the NYJO Virtual Academy

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