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Our examining panels consist of over 700 musicians, all highly qualified and skilled in their own field. Individual experience is combined with comprehensive and rigorous training, both prior to acceptance on the panel and whilst they remain a member of it.

We provide all our examiners with continuing professional development, moderation and monitoring. The result is a team of examiners that we trust and know to be impartial, objective and consistent.

Criteria for application

ABRSM's examiners must be UK-based musicians with a strong educational background and the qualifications to demonstrate this.

They will have the personal experience, qualities and attributes to cope positively with the range of situations and people they will meet, be used to working with children, be open to training, be competent but not necessarily performing pianists and be able to make at least one week of their time available each session.

They must be prepared to travel, as ABRSM makes every effort to avoid the possibility of panel members examining candidates known to them, or the students of teachers they know.

Examiners do not normally revisit an examining venue within a three-year period.

They will be in sympathy with ABRSM's Child Safeguarding and Equal Opportunities policies, and will have full DBS clearance.

Interested in becoming an ABRSM examiner?

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