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Exams at all venues – what’s changing

New candidate details when you book

When you book exams using our new online booking service, we will ask for some new candidate information in addition to the usual name, subject/instrument, grade and any access requirements.

Candidate date of birth – compulsory

  • When you book an exam for a candidate you’ll need to provide their date of birth. You won’t be able to complete your booking without this information as we need it to identify candidates in our system.

Candidate (parent/carer) email address – optional

  • You’ll have the option to provide an email address for candidates. This will allow them to set up an account. With an account they can go online to view exam information, change a practical exam appointment at a Public Venue, and access their results and practical mark forms.

Contact ID – provided by us

  • We’ll provide all candidates with a unique Contact ID, once a booking has been made for them using the new exam booking service. The Contact ID will appear on all future exam information relating to that candidate. It’s important that you keep a note of this for future bookings.
  • You don’t need to provide a candidate’s Contact ID for their first exam booking using the new online service. For all subsequent bookings you should enter a candidate’s Contact ID every time you book an exam for them.
  • Using a candidate’s Contact ID every time you book means that we’ll be able to link all their exam bookings together and create an accurate exam history for them. It will also make it quicker and easier for you to book their exams in the future, as the Contact ID will automatically bring up all the candidate details for you.

New candidate account option

Candidates (parents/carers), who are not the exam applicant, have the option to set up their own ABRSM account. With an account they can go online to:

  • Check exam appointments and venue information.
  • Search for alternative practical exam slots and change an appointment at Public Venues.
  • View results, including their digital mark form for practical exams, seven days after we've released them to the exam applicant.

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