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Exams at Public Venues – what’s changing

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Public Venue is the new name for a public centre.

If you’re booking exams at one of our Public Venues during a main exam session you can:

Go online to choose your practical exam date and venue

  • When you book your exams you’ll be able to choose dates and venues from a list of available options. So you’ll know your exam date(s) as soon as you book and pay.
  • You can choose your date and venue, but not the time of your exam. We will email you to confirm the time once the booking period has closed and we’ve finalised the timetables.

View exam venue details

  • You’ll be able to easily search for venues to check the full address and facilities, so you can choose a venue that suits you and your candidates.

Change practical exam appointments online

  • Once the booking period has closed and we’ve confirmed your exam times, you can go online to search for and move into an alternative exam slot, either at the same venue or a different one.
  • You can do this up to 48 hours before the original exam date.

Key dates

  • The booking period for Session 1 (Spring) exams is 13 – 26 January 2020. This is when you can go online to book your exams.

What you need to know

To get the most from the new online booking service, there are some new things you need to be aware of.

New booking periods for main session exams

  • The booking period, when you can book exams for the forthcoming exam session, will usually be two weeks long. Each booking period has an ‘opening date’ as well as a ‘closing date’.

Book early for more choice

  • For the widest choice of dates and venues, you’ll need to book your Practical exams as soon as the booking period opens. The earlier you book the more choice you will have. If there are dates you would prefer or would like to avoid, be ready to book early.

What about Music Theory exams at a Public Venue?

  • You can book Music Theory exams at the same time as practical ones. Music Theory exams will continue to take place on set dates within our main exam sessions. You just need to find the Public Venue that best suits your candidates.

New arrangements for Jazz exams

  • We are making some changes to the way we provide Jazz exams. If you are booking Jazz exams you will need to do this at an ABRSM Jazz Visit organised by us, taking place on set dates within the main exam session.
  • Find out more about booking Jazz exams.

No late entries at Public Venues

  • We are unable to accept late entries, so please make sure you book all of your exams (Practical and Music Theory) before the booking period closes.

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