Scale requirements


Over the last year or so we have involved examiners and external consultants, across all six woodwind subjects, in an in-depth review of the scale requirements. Then, at the end of 2014, we asked several hundred woodwind teachers around the world to look at our new proposals.

We were delighted to receive lots of useful feedback. For example, the majority of teachers were happy with the 'to a 12th' range in the lower grades but were less in favour of the 2½-octave range in the higher grades. And while we proposed some simplifications to the articulation demands, teachers preferred the more varied articulations of the current syllabus. So, this type of valuable feedback has very much fed into these revised requirements.

At each grade we’ve considered the progression in learning and the demands of assessment, aiming for parity and equivalence between subjects. Compared with the current syllabus, there is a gradual reduction in the workload from Grade 3, leading to a shift in approach in Grades 7 and 8 where the current syllabus’s emphasis on all keys is no longer a requirement. We believe this represents a more realistic challenge for students, with the focus on technical development and consolidation rather than memorization of all keys.

Your feedback

The PDFs on this page outline the requirements for each instrument. Please take some time to review the proposals for your instrument, perhaps trying them out with students. We would be grateful if you could then respond to our questionnaire by selecting the link for your instrument. If you would like to comment on more than one subject, you will need to complete the separate questionnaire for that instrument.

Please complete the questionnaire by Sunday 7 June 2015. If you have any queries, do contact us at [email protected]. I hope you enjoy considering these proposals and look forward to receiving your feedback in due course.

Nigel Scaife
Syllabus Director

Questionnaire links

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