What is a Contact ID?

Everyone using our online booking service or taking an exam is given a unique Contact ID. This is a unique ID/account number which allows us to identify individuals in our system and link up their records.

Applicants (anyone who books exams) will be given a Contact ID when they set up an account in their name. To be an applicant and book exams you must be aged 18 or over:

  • An applicant (such as the teacher, school or parent/carer) can book exams on behalf of candidates. If you are a candidate aged 18 or over you can book your own exams.
  • If you are a parent/carer booking an exam for your son or daughter you will need to set up your own account in your name (separate to any account your child may have as a candidate) and will be given your own Contact ID as an applicant.

Candidates (anyone taking an exam) will be given a Contact ID once an exam has been booked for them using our online service.

  • If you are over 18 and booking an exam for yourself, you will be the applicant and the candidate with just one Contact ID. Please enter your Contact ID when requested during the booking process. 

How do I use a Contact ID?


  • Our customer support team will ask you for this number to identify your account and your exam bookings.


  • If you are an applicant booking exams on behalf of candidates it is important that you make a note of the Contact IDs for all your candidates. Once a candidate has a Contact ID you should enter it consistently, with their date of birth, every time you book an exam for them.
  • We encourage candidates (parents/carers) to make sure that anyone booking an exam on their behalf uses their candidate Contact ID.
  • Candidates over 18 should enter their own Contact ID if they are booking their own exam.
  • For a candidate to set up an account in their own name, following a booking(s) made on their behalf, they must enter their Contact ID, as per the booking, and their date of birth to register the account.
  • With an account, candidates (parents/carers) will receive notifications about bookings and results, in addition to those we send to the applicant who made the booking. The candidate (parent/carer) will also be able to access their booking information, results and exam history.

Sharing Contact IDs with candidates

We ask Applicants to provide an email address for candidates (parents/carers) when they book exams. If an email address is provided, the candidate (parent/carer) will receive an automatic email to let them know that a booking has been made on their behalf. This email will include the candidate’s Contact ID. It will also let them know that they (their parent/carer) can use the Contact ID, along with their date of birth, to register and create an account.

Over time, a number of different people may book exams for the same candidate. These applicants might be different teachers, schools, a music service or a parent/carer. Giving every candidate a unique Contact ID, which all applicants use when booking an exam for them, means that we can create a complete record for each candidate with all their details stored in one place. This includes details of exam bookings and results, ensures that important information about access arrangements and prerequisites is available and up to date, and makes it quicker to book new exams.

You will have a Contact ID if:

  • you have set up a new account in your name using our new online service.
  • you have been entered for an exam since January 2020. Candidates who do not have an account can ask the person (applicant) who books exams on their behalf.

If you have an account – as an applicant or candidate (parent/carer) – log in and you will see your Contact ID under your name in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

  • Under ‘booking details’ in your account: all Contact IDs for candidates are displayed next to their name in ‘booking details’, accessible from the dashboard of your account.
  • Payment information email: once an exam booking has been made, applicants - and candidates (parents/carers) with an account – will receive a payment information email. You can find the candidate’s Contact ID in this email next to their exam details.
  • Mark form: candidate Contact IDs appear on mark forms, available through your account. You can use the search function to find particular candidates.

You can ask the person who made the exam booking or check your most recent mark form.

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