Private Visits during face-to-face exam sessions

Due to high demand during our face-to-face sessions, some dates may become unavailable for Private Visit bookings. These dates are greyed out in the booking service and you won’t be able to select them. Please select an alternative date for your booking.

Booking at a Private Visit – step-by-step guide for Visit Organisers

A guide covering everything from creating your visit and booking exams to receiving results for:

  • face-to-face instrumental and singing exams
  • paper-based Music Theory exams (Grades 6-8)
  1. Create your account if you don’t have one already.
  2. For instrumental and singing exams, check that you have enough exams to hold a visit and how many days you will need – see our exam timings.
  3. For Music Theory exams (Grades 6 to 8) check booking periods and exam dates.
  4. Read our terms and conditions for Visit Organisers and apply for approval for your venue if you don’t have this already. You can find details here.
  5. Once your venue is approved, share your venue code with any Permitted Applicants.
  6. Have all your candidate information ready:
  1. Log in and select ‘Private Visit’.
  2. Book your visit by selecting your venue. For instrumental and singing exams choose your date(s). Due to high demand, some dates may not be available during our busy face-to-face exam sessions. These will by greyed out and you won’t be able to select them.
  3. You can change dates for instrumental and singing exams, or add more days, up to 28 days before the visit start date.
  1. Enter your candidate and exam details (including any access requirements or reasonable adjustments and any alternative ‘presented by’ names). You can enter these directly into our booking service or you can use our bulk upload option to add a list of candidates. Find out more about bulk upload here.
  2. Check you booking summary and pay for your exams.
  3. We will send you an email to confirm your booking and payment.

You can add candidates:

  • up to 28 days before the visit start date for instrumental and singing exams
  • during the booking period (up to the published closing date) for Music Theory exams.
  • Private Visit confirmation – we confirm the visit once booking has closed. We then email the Visit Organiser and any Permitted Applicants to let them know that they can log in to view exam dates and times. Candidates with an account also receive a confirmation email.
  • View and download a list of candidates – you can view and download a list of all candidates booked at your visit, including those booked by Permitted Applicants.
  • Rearrange your instrumental and singing timetable – you can make changes up to 48 hours before the visit start date. Find out more here.
  • Lock your instrumental and singing timetable – once you’ve made all your changes you have the option to lock the timetable. This also sends a confirmation email to applicants and candidates. Find out more here.
  • Confirming final dates and times – as the Visit Organiser it’s your responsibility to inform your candidates and any Permitted Applicants of their finalised dates and times for instrumental and singing exams.
  • Cancelling an exam - applicants can cancel an exam through their account. If you cancel up to 28 days before the visit start date for instrumental and singing exams, and before the closing date for Music Theory exams, we refund the full fee. If you decide to cancel your entire Private Visit, it is your responsibility to inform any permitted applicants and candidates. Find out about cancelling exams.
  • Amending a candidate’s booking - you can make some small changes after you’ve paid for the booking. Find out about amending candidate details.
  • Results and certificates - we email applicants when results are ready to view online. This is usually within a week of the exam for instrumental and singing exams and around four weeks after the exam for paper-based Music Theory exams, subject to quality assurance checks.

Candidates with an account will also receive a results email seven days after the applicant.

We send certificates to the applicant by post. Find out about results and certificates.

  • Appeals and feedback – our policies and guidance for making appeals or sending feedback are available here.

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