How to book exams

Who can book an exam?

  • Anyone aged 18 or over can book exams.
  • You can book exams for yourself or for other people.
  • We call the person who books the exam the ‘applicant’.

What exam do you want to book?

Digital exams

Instruments and singing

Digital Performance Grades & ARSM

Music Theory

Online exams at Grades 1-5

Face-to-face exams

Instruments and singing

Practical Grades, ARSM & more


Practical Grades

Paper-based exams

Music Theory

Exams at Grades 6-8

Other exams

  • At one of our Public Venues or at a Private Visit
  • At one of our Public Venues or at a Private Visit, depending on the exam
  • Teacher-assessed in a location of your choice

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